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Power - Renewables

Fagioli with its technological know-how, experience and state-of-the-art equipment, is a reliable partner for the engineering, heavy transport and lifting activity for the Renewable sector...

Heavy lifting

of a 1,750 ton wind offshore Jacket with a 3,000 ton capacity crawler crane (Indonesia)

Skidding and lifting

activity of a 2,000 ton Solar Plant MSR in Dubai (UAE)

Heavy Road

transport by SPMTs of a 150 ton transformer

Heavy lifting

of wind turbines in USA.

Heavy Haulage

and load out of wind offshore jackets.

Heavy lifting

and barging activity of turbine

Heavy road transport

by modular trailers of a generator

Lifting and skidding

of a 5,000 ton module onto an offshore platform in Canada

Vertical installation

of a reactor by means of Crawler crane and skidding system

Project logistics operation:

unloading of a reactor in Bahrain

Heavy road transport

and barging activity of reactors

Heavy haulage

and barging activity in USA

Lifting and installation

of a 500 ton reactor by means of crawler cranes

Oil & Gas - LNG

The challenging engineering and construction market poses significant challenges to the construction of major Oil& Gas plants on budget and on schedule either for the Offshore and the Petrochemical activities,...

Civil - Infrastructures

Fagioli with its vast range of equipment and engineering capabilities are often called upon to perform civil activities. Fagioli has a long track record in bridge construction, erection of bridge sections...

Heavy haulage

skidding and barging activity for the installation of the two sections of Mantova bridge (2,000 ton each)

Tailor made offshore

catamaran for the installation of 1,800 ton plinths in Denmark

Heavy Haulage

nd lifting of a complete 2,000 ton bridge by means of jack-up system, strand jacks and SPMTs

Heavy lifting

by means of 216 synchronized strand jacks of the new Tottenham stadium roof (U.K.)

Heavy lifting

by strand jacking system and crawler cranes of the new S. Giorgio bridge in Genova

Skidding and load out

of a 12,000 ton pylon foundation by means of No. 24 skid shoes (1,000 ton each).


of a 800 ton capacity Goliath Crane by means of SPMTs, Towerlift and Strand Jacking system


of an Harbour Crane

Heavy haulage activity

for the mining sector in Australia

Load out

and launching operation of Canadian Military ship sections by SPMTs

Heavy road transport

of TBM sections


of No. 2 x 1,650 ton STS cranes from Malta to France by means of SPMTs and dedicated ship.

Project logistics activity

for the transport and shipment of satellite modules

Heavy Industry - Shipbuilding

Fagioli operational activity includes the heavy transport and lifting services for the heavy industry, and automotive. Fagioli work on a worldwide basis for the removal and/or repositioning of heavy industry machinery...

Fagioli Group

Fagioli is a world-wide certified engineering company specialized in Heavy Transport and Lifting, Project Logistics and Freight Forwarding activities

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  • In-House Engineering

    Fagioli engineering division" is a "spin-off department" created to support the continuous requests for dedicated engineering know-how.

  • Heavy Transport and Lifting

    The companies in the group are specialized in the transport, lifting and handling of major heavy items.

  • Project Forwarding

    Fagioli is one of the few companies in the world that can offer at the same time, Heavy Lifting, Transportation and Project Logistics services.


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  • by Fagioli Group
  • July 07, 2024


The Alevro (Fagioli – Monadelphous J.V.) and Bechtel teams recently completed the successful installation of the Heavies Removal Column (HRC) at Pluto Train 2, marking a m...

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  • by Fagioli group
  • June 19, 2024


Fagioli has been subcontracted by ICM construction Gmbh for the 5.8m lifting of the 6200 ton, 650m long Steinbrückenbach viaduct on the A10 motorway near Spittal an der Dra...

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  • by Fagioli Group
  • June 04, 2024

Work In Progress : SPMT European Transport Operator Licence

Fagioli is proud to be an ESTA supporter, the leading European association for the abnormal road transport and mobile crane rental industry.

During the last ye...

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